Best Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

Best Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

After the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, the insurance industry started under the Insurance Act. Only three companies were initially operational, providing services across Bangladesh. Nowadays, the industry is growing rapidly with more companies emerging.

An insurance company provides financial services to its clients, with life insurance being the most beneficial. This company continuously helps our local people during times of financial crisis.

There are both public and private sector companies in Bangladesh that have life and non-life insurance. The public sector life insurance company is Bangladesh Jiban Bima Corporation and the non-life sector company is Bangladesh Sadaharan Bima Corporation. In the private sector, there are different kinds of life and non-life sector companies. At present, there are 32 life insurance companies and 46 non-life insurance companies in the private sector.

There are a lot of life and non-life insurance companies in Bangladesh. However, not all of them are good and provide better service. Here is a list of the top 10 life insurance companies in Bangladesh.

01. MetLife

An extremely old insurance firm, The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), formerly known as American Life Insurance Company (ALICO), began operations in Bangladesh in 1952. This insurance provider came from the United States to serve Bangladeshi customers.

02. Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd

Another reputable private life insurance company is Delta. It begins their journey in the middle of the 1980s. This company was founded in 1986. With a variety of insurance plans, it provides its clients with financial stability. This Co Ltd improves customer service in order to make all client life a simple savings instrument.

03. Jiban Bima Corporation

Jiban Bima Corporation, a state-owned and government-funded insurance company in Bangladesh, was established in 1973 at Motijheel, Dhaka, in accordance with the Insurance Act and Regulations. This insurance firm's name is derived from the Bengali language.

04. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited 

This organization has more than 25 million customers. It was established in Bangladesh about 20 years ago. As a result, it is currently another top company in our nation. We refer to the insurance company as being trustworthy. It quickly offers each customer the best service possible. The head office of Meghna Co Ltd. in Motijheel, Dhaka. 

5. Popular Life Insurance Co Ltd. (PLICL)

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited was created in 2000 under the Insurance Act. at Dhaka's Motijheel. This company won the trust of Bangladeshi citizens by offering a number of plans or more noticeable benefits. The number of agents employed by this insurance agency is in the hundreds.

6. Sunlife Insurance Company Limited

The third-generation life insurance company in Bangladesh is called Sunlife. Before becoming a carry-out life insurance corporation, it was a public limited company. It has various small policies in addition to broad ones. such as Ganamukhu Bima, Lokomukhi Bima, Islami A'saan Bima, etc. These micro-policies are accessible to middle-class people so that all groups of people can develop them.

7. Sandhani Life Insurance Co.Ltd

One of the top life insurance companies in Bangladesh since 1990 is Sandhani Life Insurance Company Limited.They are offering their services throughout Bangladesh and boosting social and economic development. They have a large number of microinsurance sectors that offer additional services and contribute to a sustained transformation in society.

8. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited

It was founded in Bangladesh as a general life insurance company. The head office of this company, which was founded in 2000, is in Dhaka. They provide numerous insurance services, including Ekok Bima, Sarbojonon Bima, Group Bima, and others. You will be fully informed about this business.

9. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited

It was started to encourage the development of the general population and country. It was founded at Biman Bhaban Motijheel, Dhaka, in 1996. They continuously try to bring their services at ideal and fair prices. For a time, they have a positive reputation among the public.

10.  Sandhani Life Insurance Co Ltd.

The most well-known and famous life insurance company in Bangladesh is Sandhani. It was started in Dhaka in the 1990s. Its service is available to all throughout the country. They are offering various programs that will affect our nation's finances. They have a lot of small insurance.


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