A Village Fair (গ্রামীন মেলা) Paragraph

A Village Fair (গ্রামীন মেলা)

village fair is an annual gathering of village people for buying and selling different things. It is an age old tradition in rural Bangladesh. It sits in some open place, either on the bank of a river or in the yard of a temple. It is held on various occasions like the first day of Bangla year or religious rites. During winter poush mela is also held. A village fair generally lasts for two or three days. People of all classes gather in a village fair. Going to the fair they can meet each other and have joy and enjoyment. In a village far different sorts of commodities are brought. Things like dolls, ribbons, whistles, fans, magic wires, small looking glasses are brought and sold. Besides, ready-made garments, cheap fancy goods, cheap sweets are also sold. There are many forms of entertainment in a village fair. Travelling jatra parties, circus parties merry-go-round are additional attractions of a village fair. A magician is also found in a village fair. The village people enjoy there very much. 

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